Preparing Timber Rose for Events

Timber Rose farm site renovations

Timber Rose has been making a number of property renovations to accommodate hosting events and weddings. Improvements completed in 2022 include:

  • Renovated the barn foundation system and restored structural integrity
  • Guest house completely remodeled and replacement of furnace, water heater, air conditioner, roof, and siding
  • Construction of 40 x 60 pavilion
  • Installation of driveway to guest house and lane to barn and pavilion
  • Landscaping updates

Renovations and repairs will continue in 2023 and will include:

  • Barn roof replacement
  • Complete renovation of barn interior
  • Repair and paint barn exterior
  • Installation of property fencing
  • Construction of camping sites
  • Parking and landscape improvements
Timber Rose Barn and Fire Pit-2023b
Timber Rose Event and Wedding Venue